Monday, 18 September 2017

Right Now, I want to be not okay

I already acknowledged that I have not been good at posting on this blog often and I also already acknowledged that it has been almost nine months ago since I last post on this post.

I do not have much to say for this post. I shared a status update a few nights ago and it mentioned "Right now, I want to be not okay." I appreciated a few friends who commented and asked me if I was okay.

I am okay and I have been overcoming from losing a church member friend named Robert who passed away during the past weekend. My parents met and knew Robert before I met him and got to know him. 
Above is a photo of him and he is in the middle. 

My parents has helped him so much throughout his addiction recovery. I still remember when my Dad mentioned to me about Robert for first time and I felt that I should meet Robert one day. One Sunday, I went to a chapel where Robert and his family goes to Church. I had the opportunity to meet Robert fot the first time. 

I can not believe it has been roughly a year and a few days ago since I first met him and the time when I last him was around March this year when I graduated from Institute. 

Robert was caring guy towards me and he was a great friend to me. I do not think that I have been a great friend for him because I have not been good at having conversations with him often whenever I had the opportunity to.

Whenever he saw me in person and most of those times was after Institute, he asked me how I was, how my parents was and he asked me other questions. 

I know you will be looking down on me, your family, your relatives and your friends who you left behind from Heaven. I am very grateful for having the knowledge about The Plan of Salvation/The Plan of Happiness for multiple reasons.

All I can ask from friends is to pray for me to feel comfort and peace again. If you would like to, try to cheer me up and just a heads up, please do not feel down if I do not reply to your messages straight away.

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  1. I didn't really help him a lot through anything. He and I just participated in some very useful meetings together.