Friday, 29 August 2014

Happy 18th Birthday Camilla!!

I find it fun sometimes to do blog posts about wishing someone a Happy Birthday!

I absolutely love the great friendship that I have with my friend Camilla Flock Santos. I don't think not many people would understand how great it is. We became friends the day after my Birthday but it was my Birthday for her because of the time zone difference

We were sharing each other about some great ideas of what we could do together while she was in Australia, but things has changed. She wouldn't be going to Australia this year but that's alright. There might be other times to do it. We even spoken to each other over the phone about her coming to Australia even though the connection wasn't great. We saw each other a bit over Skype and that was fun. 

{Phone Call back in May this year}

I didn't have her address, otherwise I would have sent her a letter for her Birthday so instead she could read this blog post.

"Dear Camilla,

Happy 18th Birthday and I hoped you have a great Birthday. I can't believe you are an adult now. I absolutely love the great friendship that we have and I hope it will always be great. I am grateful for the phone call conversations and talking to each other over Skype.

I love talking to you about anything and I love your seriousness towards that you want to see me everyday. It would be so great! I know eventually we could see each other everyday if you aren't busy. 

I hope the Young Single Adults over there, makes you feel welcome in Young Single Adults. If they don't, let me come over there and tell them to make you feel welcome. I see as Young Single Adults a big step from Young Women's Program but that could be just me.

We could attend Young Single Adults Activities together, well eventually we will. It would be heaps of fun. Are you missing Young Women's Program? I have been missing Young Women's Program since I moved up to Young Single Adults but that's alright. I had heaps of fun and enjoyed my time in Young Women's Program. 

You are a great friend to me, don't ever forget that. I will see you when I see you next and most likely that will be over Skype for the time being. 

Take care, Stay safe. 

From your Australian Friend,
Megan Green." 

I described her as each letter for Happy Birthday, however I have noticed that I have put Yourself twice, I couldn't think of any good "Y" words to describe her. 


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's Birthday. Happy Birthday to my Dad. I am grateful for everything that my Dad has done for my family including every sacrifice that he has done so far. I am happy that he is my father for time and eternity. I am grateful for receiving blessings from him. I love his support and love towards my family.

Here is a photo below that I still remember being that age with my parents. I was 6 or 7 years old when the photo was taken with my parents.

I always have heaps of fun when I go family outings and my Dad always be the driver. It's always great times when we spending time together as a family. I really don't know what else to say. All I could say to my Dad is "Thank you for everything that you have done to the family and me." 

Saturday, 2 August 2014

A Wonderful Day Out with Mum

I had a wonderful day out with my Mum yesterday. We left home around 8am to go to the Temple. When we arrived at the Temple, I was filled so much happiness and peace. I was so excited to use my brand new camera that I have bought the previous day. About 10 photos was taken at the Temple. We attended the 10am Baptistery Session. Mum and me got mistaken as Sisters. It was so funny.

I made a new friend when we were at the Temple, I always making new friends! It's so much fun and brings me happiness. After the Baptistery Session, I had my phone on for a GPS for saying the directions of how to get to one of our friend's house since it has been 1 year since we last went to her place. It took us 1 hour to get there.

On our way getting there, we went and saw where we used to live before my family moved into our current Ward. I thought I was going to cry, but I didn't. We talked about a few memories while we were in the area. I remembered, while we were going pass a primary school that I used to go for either 2 to 3 years, I said to Mum "I used to go to that school Mum." It was very great to see our friend again. We had lunch at her place and we had a nice conversation while we were there.

After visiting one of our friends, I suggested to my Mum that we could go and visit a family from our previous ward. Well they were apart our stake for a short time. It took us around 20 to 25 minutes drive. It was great seeing a few family members. It was a nice conversation while we were there. Around 4pm, we left there and started our way home. I kept thinking about most memories that I had while we were going past another Primary school that I used to go to. I attended that primary school for 4 years. We arrived home safely.

The photos are taken on my new camera. 

Friday, 1 August 2014

See You in 18 Months Sister Hillier

I last saw Leah at YSA {Young Single Adults} Ball which was 3 weeks ago. I'm very grateful that I was privileged to be in a photo with her and her boyfriend Dwayne on the same night when I last saw Leah. Thank you Luke Reynolds for taking the photo. I will always remember this photo because it's the only photo that I ever got with Leah. 

I remembered sometime during the process for Leah waiting to leave to go to the Missionary Training Centre {MTC}, her and I had a conversation about if I could do a blog for her while she was serving her mission. She was happy for me to do a blog for her and she even helped me of what she would like the blog to look like. It was a great time for setting up and creating her blog. It will look better when I start adding posts about her experiences during the MTC and her mission as well as photos. Leah will be emailing me every week and I will be updating her blog which is the link as below. 

I'm really grateful when I first met Leah at EFY {Especially for Youth} in 2012. She is so lucky that she got called to serve in Tahiti Papeete Mission. It's a very beautiful place to get called to serve. Each blog post, I will be tagging her with me as my status so that everyone could see the updates. Stay Tuned. I miss her so much already. SEE YOU IN 18 MONTHS SISTER HILLIER!