Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Reply Back

I do write and send letters to some of my friends who are currently serving their Missions. I usually tell them about how I am, what I have been doing lately, share any spiritual thoughts that I have any recently and anything that encourages them to keep up the great work! Well, I never received any replies through letters before. It doesn't concern me as such but it does give me a bit of worry that the letters hasn't arrived to them left or the letters gets lost in the mail.

So that made me to say, "I really don't mind if they send me a reply back as a letter in return. However, I do understand that they could be really busy and don't have time to reply back." 

So, 4 weeks after I sent a letter to a particular Sister Missionary, she emailed me and she mentioned to me, "Hi Megan, Your letter was great, thanks! I sent a reply a little while ago so I hope you get that about soon in the mail and enjoy it." I got all excited and happy! 

8 DAYS LATER after she emailed me, the mail has finally arrived here! I was so happy and excited that it is finally here!

Thanks to my two younger siblings for taking photos for me! 

My brother who took the photos and videos as I go to the mailbox and to see if the mail arrives!

My youngest sister who took the photos as I was opening the mail! 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Future Missionaries

To Anyone who has a Desire to serve a Mission or just finally received their Mission Papers or just waiting for their Mission Call or waiting to leave to go to the Missionary Training Centre, well this Blog Post is dedicated to you. Below is three letters.

Letter 1 is about for those readers has a desire to serve a Mission.

Letter 2 is about for those readers has just finally or finally received their Mission Papers.

Letter 3 is about for those readers who has got their Mission Call and now waiting to go to MTC (Missionary Training Centre).

Letter 1:
Dear Readers, 

If you have a desire to serve a Mission, that is really great and good for you! You can always question yourself with any sorts of questions that you may have. (trust me, it doesn't hurt). These questions can be, 

> Who would I be representing while I am serving my Mission? > Would the Mission be for me? > Would the Mission change my life? > What would it be like for serving a Full Time Mission? > What can I do to prepare myself to face trails during my Mission?

You can also go to Mission Preparation Classes and Mini Mission, it is always great to prepare yourself early! 


Your Friend, 
Megan Green 

Letter 2: 

Dear Readers, 

If you just finally or finally received your Mission Papers, well that is terrific! Now it's time to start the Mission Papers! 18 Pages doesn't seem that much at all (compare to one of my Certificate Courses, where I had to do 58 whole pages worth of just 1 unit of work, that's just a comparison). 

Well, what can I say honestly? Congratulations! It is always great to see that young men's are thanking their counsellors and who else got them to have a desire to serve a Mission. I reckon that is a great influence itself! I am sure that it would be worth it for filling out the Mission Papers! 


Your Friend, 
Megan Green 

Letter 3:

Dear Readers, 

Well, you submitted your Mission Papers in and that is great! You got your Mission Call! That is awesome! > Where are you heading? > When do you report to MTC (Missionary Training Centre)? > What language will you be speaking? 

Honestly the best advice, I could really say is attend Mission Preparation Classes (the Classes are there for your benefit), work hard and go with the Missionaries so you can get use of the "Door Knocking part and everything else" (well I really don't know how to explain though). 


Your Friend, 
Megan Green 

Well that's all from me,
for now until next time.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Emails & More Emails

WARNING: This isn't really a warning but please note that this blog post will be really interesting. I will be mentioning two particular missionaries (one is an Elder and the other is a Sister Missionary).

Recently I have been receiving more emails than usual (like over 100 emails, not including spams)! Don't get me wrong, but I absolutely LOVE receiving emails! I always receive emails of different range of types of people such as friends (who are currently serving their missions), Sister Missionaries, Elders, Missionary Girlfriends and some of my friends in general. 

< --- Elder Cluff. There is something really interesting about this photo of this particular Elder. This Elder is the 3rd Elder to email me out of 3 Elders to email me on their Preparation Days. Him and I barely know each other (so him and I like strangers to each other). 

He sends me the less amount of emails than the other 2 Elders which is fine by me. 

Well some readers know this lovely Sister Missionary. She is Sister Coles. This Sister Missionary is the 3rd Sister Missionary to email me out of 5 Sister Missionaries to email me on their Preparation Days. She is a Missionary Girlfriend. 

However there is something really special that I love about her. During Year 2013, she emailed me with 2 different emails each week. Ever since Year 2014 arrived, she has been emailing me with 3 to 4 different emails each week. 

She gave me permission to do a blog for her and for her fellow Missionary Girlfriends (check it out:

Would you like to know my emotions for whenever I receive emails? I am sure that you do, anyway I would assume that you do! So my emotions is really happy, a bit shocked and sometimes in tears! It's crazy! I always have mixed emotions whenever I receive emails!

So each time I see that "Inbox" with (1) or (2) or whatever amount it is. I read the email and of course after that I reply to the email. 

I have notice a lot lately is that more Missionaries (especially Elders) is thanking me for emailing them. It makes me feel so great inside to know that! I even said to one of the Elders as a reply, "You're welcome, no thank you for replying." It always make me laugh! He gets the IDEA! He still continues to thank me! 

I would love to announce this but as for Sister Coles, she mentioned to me this through one of the emails, "Thank you for your emails. They mean the world to me!" Just simple as that has been making me feel so grateful and glad to know that they care for me. I do care and try 100% support to each of my friends who is currently serving their Full Time Missions!  

That is all from me for now. Just a reminder, feel free to give me suggestions of any ideas that you would like to see as a blog post.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Childhood Years

Sometime in October last year, as for Family Home Evening, my Dad was running it. It was his turn to do Family Home Evening. For the lesson, as a family, we was able to looked at old photos. I truly miss being a young child. I can still remember heaps of memories during my childhood years.

My childhood years wasn't great all the time! I can still remember when there was only a few students who would accept who I am.

It was tough for me to make friends during childhood years. I can still remember when students would tease me because of the way that I would walk and run. I try not to worry about it that much because I knew that my Heavenly Father loves me.

If I ever go back as a young child again (which is not likely to happened), I would teach all my childhood friends about the Gospel. That is something that I didn't go as I was a young child. I started teaching my friends about the Gospel once I turned 11 Years old. I am not ashamed about leaving it until I was about to turn 12 Years old.

I have realised after almost 5 to 6 years with no contact to my childhood true friends, I finally looked back at my old school photos. I started adding some friends, adding some people who I thought they were my friends and of course most of them has accepted the friend request.

Some of them was apologising me that they are sorry that they teased me when I was younger. They didn't mean. It made me cry and feeling great that they finally saying "sorry," after all these years.

At first, I couldn't believe that they finally apologising. The guys was the mainly one who was apologising.

Although to some people would say, it's NOT ALRIGHT. Anyway, I said to them, "It's alright."

Knowing that I already have repented and forgived them that they wouldn't do it (bullying and teasing me) again. I knew what is best for me by that way and just walk away. I tried to make some new friends.

I am so grateful that I put up with all those trails during my childhood years.

I know whatever I am going through, Jesus Christ already have through all that pain and suffering. It wasn't fair for him and it wasn't fair for each of us to go through it.

To finish this blog post, I would like to say "Thank you" for taking up your time to read my blog. It really means so much to me. That's all from me for now. I hope you (as a reader) don't mind me sharing some of photos of my childhood years.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

After Months and Months

During SMYC, finally I was able to meet "Tiffany O" after months and months talking to each other through Facebook and Skype. I am super glad that her and I finally met! It wasn't crazy at all. I was a bit nervous at first of how I was going to meet her.

It started, I recall and remember that Tiffany yelled out to me, "Hey Megan." or something like that. I looked around me of wondering who was calling my name. That moment, I knew it was Tiffany! Although, I didn't get to hang out with her as much as I would like to during SMYC but that's alright with me.

There are some things that really stood out to me. She lives where my Hometown is. She is a Latter-Day Saint (known as Mormon) Convert! She has a desire to Serve her Mission! Now, that's really amazing I reckon!

Tiffany, I am so glad that I finally able to meet you.

I heard from some people that you're inspiring girl for them.

Friends like us, I hope it will last for a life-time.

For you to know, I hope you don't mind me doing this blog post about you.

And you are really friendly to everyone who you meet!

Never put yourself down.

You are beautiful, no matter what.
Outside of the UQ Centre is where we met on Day 1 of SMYC

Monday, 13 January 2014

It Took Patience

"It Took Patience" What does that mean to you "It Took Patience" or What do you think it might mean?

In my Life-time, I have read "The Book Of Mormon" from Cover to Cover once. I am currently doing ti again. It took 3 to 4 Years to get myself to read "The Book Of Mormon" from Cover to Cover again. 

I thought I would never able to do it again. So just almost a week ago (during SMYC), I have decided to woke up early in the morning on DAY 2 to say a prayer and encouraged myself to read "The Book Of Mormon" again. Ever since then, I have been reading it everyday after I woke up and every night before I go to sleep. 

I really enjoyed it. I believe it has changed my attitute. It helps me to gain a better testimony. 

"I testify to you to read "The Book Of Mormon." "The Book Of Mormon" is the Keystone to Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). It is another Testament of Jesus Christ. It contains the fullness of the Gospel and it does helo us to understand the true purpose of our lives here on Earth today. If you do decided to read "The Book Of Mormon," If you felt something during reading "The Book Of Mormon" I suggest you to write some notes. After reading "The Book Of Mormon" to the end, pray and ask if it is True.

I promise you now, it does make you feel happy. It makes you knowing that the past relates how it is today. 
I leave these things that are true, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen."

Also, you may accept to read "The Book Of Mormon." I suggest you to watch this video. It has meant so much to me when I first watched it. 

That's all from me for now.

Overview of SMYC

The Overview of SMYC

SMYC stands for Special Multistake Youth Conference

From Monday 6th of January to Saturday 11th of January, I attended SMYC. It was a wonderful and great week for me. I made so many new friends and I was able to catch up with some of my friends from EFY which happened 2 years ago. EFY stands for Especially For Youth. I am so grateful that I was able to attend SMYC! 

I already miss my Counsellors Group and my Company (#Service B.O.M). It feels like if they were a family! I am so glad to able to meet my Company! Each members of the Company is amazing! 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take too many photos during my time at SMYC but that's alright! During the week, I was able to meet the Australia Brisbane Mission President and his wife in person (I even got a photo with them and a few Elders). It was so awesome!  

That's all from me for now. Reminder: Remember to Facebook Message me or Email me for any ideas of what I should blog about.

Below is a few photos from SMYC! Check out "SMYC, Brisbane 2014" Ablum for more photos from SMYC! 

The Counsellors Group

Breakfast Time

The Company

Mission President, Mission President's Wife
And a few Elders

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


My goodness, I can't believe it but I have to believe it. SMYC/EFY has started today (this morning). Wow, there is so many youth here. It's crazy! As far as I know, there are 2000 youth (that is a lot)!! I was so excited and so happy this morning for leaving! It's like if I was going on the mission, wouldn't be seeing my family. Anyway, I drove some of the way to there. My younger sister drove some of the way to there as well.

Both young drivers on the roads (in driving different cars) + under the age 20 years old = It surely was a journey! I am enjoying my time here at SMYC/EFY already! It's not like I miss home yet. Haha. I kept going back trying to remember the memories back in EFY (in Year 2012) amd how it changed my life. I hope this time will be even better (hopefully). Sometimes, it would be like nothing like the original version of a song but it still great of other people trying for the covers!

Well I can't say that much longer. I am running out of time. It's not even bed time yet or anything like that yet. It is just I can't miss out of too much fun that is happening at the moment! So stay tuned for the photos that will be uploaded in the meantime!

I would like some of my friends who didn't come, I suggest you to come next time!! It's really worthwhile! Trust me! It's my second time going but it is great!!!

That's all from me for now.