Sunday, 23 February 2014

Make Every Second Counts

Today, I saw one of my newest friends who I have met the previous Sunday and her name is Saane. She was engaged when I have met her. When I saw her today, she is married and because her husband's last name is 'Green,' Saane has the same last name as me.  It was so awesome because both of her and I have the same last name now. However I am not related to her Husband (Mosiah)'s family.

Sometimes I say this saying, "I mostly get asked if I am related to someone who has the same last name as me, and I say, I am not related to him or her."

Today was a mermorable day to me. When Saane was introducing me to '2' of Mosiah's relatives, I was with her and that was alright with that, She was saying something like this, "Hey, this is Megan Green but she isn't related to you." It was amazing feeling that she did that! I can still remember that I still got asked several times if I was related to Mosiah.

Image as displayed left - right: Kim Green, Me and Saane Green. As Kim said today, "The photo with the Greens."
I am so grateful that I met Saane when I did (that was just a week ago). Time is definitely going fast! It was great to see Saane before she went on her Honeymoon today. I loved seeing new people and straight away I feel like if I have known them for ages when it's really I have known them for a short period of time.

I always remember this saying, "Make every second counts." I am so grateful who I saw and met today! It was lovely and great!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Happy Birthday Sophia '2014'

Announcement: "Happy Birthday 24th Sophia!"

I can still remember meeting Sophia for the very first time. 
Details as listed below:

When: Sunday, 3rd November 2013
Where: Brassall Chapel

We became friends straight away and it feels like just yesterday since I met Sophia for the very first time. 
I wrote her a letter that I would have sent to her and it says:

"Dear Sophia, 

Happy Birthday! I really hope you have a great Birthday. I hope you will enjoy your last Birthday here before you go on your Mission. I hope you will spend your Birthday with loved ones. I am very proud for you for making the right decision to go on your Mission. The moment when you opened your Mission Call to see where you will be serving for 18 months, I got really excited! 

I knew you can do it! I hope you will be keep me updated as much as you can during your Mission! Don't forget, I will never ever forget you! You set an amazing example to me! I always loved talking to you and hanging out with you whenever we can! 

I will see you sometime after you come back home. I shall see you in 18 months or during your Mission!

Thank you for everything that you have done for me Sophia! Thank you being 1 of my friends who I could tell you about anything!! As for your Mission, look out for 'Sister Knowles' who is from US. She is one of my other friends, she is assigned the same Mission Area as you! If you see her, give her a big hug and say it's from Megan Green. However she doesn't report to the Missionary Training Center until June this year.

From your friend,
Megan Green." 

I am going to miss you a lot Sophia!!! 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Very Proud Sister


Throughout this blog post will be photos that was taken today. Note: Some Photos was taken by me, some photos was taken by Mum and 1 Photo was taken by a Family Friend who also came along to this event. 

Questions: 1. Would you rather go to a Church Activity that is on the same day as one of your family member's badge ceremony or go to one of your family member's badge ceremony and miss out the Church Activity? 

2. Which one would you choose and why? 

Answer: I decided that I would rather go to one of my family member's badge ceremony than the Church Activity because my family is important to me and I would like to support my sister of getting her badge today. 

The Event was: Badge Ceremony 

The way the 'Primary School' runs for badge ceremony is very different compare to the 'High School.' I wouldn't go into detail about the diffences because it is really hard for me to explain about it.

This is my Dad who was putting my sister's badge 'Arts Captain Badge' on her. 

Today was the day that I went back to the Primary School (the Primary School that I attended for 1 Year) to attend the Badge Ceremony. I was there to see her getting her badge. It was so awesome!

She got her badge to be recognised as 'The Arts Captain' for her school. I am very proud for my sister who made the decision to become Arts Captain. 

Well for those Grade 6's and Grade 7's who has a leadership role for the school was able to the cut one slice of the cake.  

The Principal said something like this, "If you touch the bottom, you kiss the nearest boy and that will be me," in a joking way. It was funny though.

This is the photo that I took of my sister for cutting the cake. 

To the readers who are interested of what the cake looked like. One of the Mums of the students who also got their badge today, has made the Cake for this Event.

Note: The rest of the photos will be posted on Facebook later.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Please Help Mahinerangi's Brother 'Jayleal'

Hey Readers! Mahinerangi is asking for a big help than ever and this is what she said the following;

"hey friends and family, my older brother, Jayleal John Tamiti Paki is wanting to serve a mission, and me being the coolest sister (hahah) I am going to walk the oxenford lake 3 times (12k walk/run) I was wondering if any of yous are able to sponser me by the 10th of March. It is a minimum of $12 ($1 per k) me and the rest of our PAKI WHANAU are doing different activities to earn money for my brother to be able to serve his mission.

I'm so sorry for asking this again but this time this isn't for me, it is to help my older brother serve his mission. Those who reply I am going to make a page for us to make things easier. I am able to give my bank details if that is easier for you all.

Those that don't know what a mission is, it's when us Mormons give up 2 years of our life to serve our Lord and preach/teach the gospel to everyone and where ever they were chosen to serve. So sorry for asking but I need to do this for my brother. Also my mum said who ever has the most sponsers gets a prize and I would also really like to win it cause im quite the competitive person, like mother like daughter :L love yous and thank yous most appreciated  xox"

Monday, 17 February 2014

Annual Relief Society Fireside} February 2014

'What Did I Learnt From Annual Relief Society Fireside?'

The Opening Song was: '#136 - I Know That My Redeemer Lives' 

1st Speaker was: Afatasi Mauga
'2nd Counsellor of Stake Relief Society Presidency'

'Exercise Faith, help us to keep the Commandments' 'Chosen the Witness of Jesus Christ'

'Make our Saviour, Jesus Christ as a CENTRE in our lives'

1/ Deliver unto the Individual 'Sister'
2/ Faith in the Lord, 'Jesus Christ' by 'Study' 'Work' and 'Prayer'
3/ Service unto 'Others' 

Musical Item was by a few Young Women's from 'Warwick Ward'

2nd Speaker was: 'Emma Dunlop'
'1st Counsellor of Stake Relief Society Presidency'

I didn't learnt too much from Sister Dunlop, however she talked about 'How can we take the Temple home?' In a better way, 'How can I take the Temple home?' 

We may make many sacrifices and TRUST in the Lord. 

A Short Video Clip;
Before you watch this 'Video Clip' I will tell you about a short description about it. This 'Video Clip' was played at the Fireside. 

Short Description: 'A successful, capable girl with cerebral palsy learns in her mid-twenties how to let others serve her, and discovers why that can be a blessing for everyone.'

3rd Speaker was: 'Diana Acheson'
'Stake Relief Society President'

Sister Acheson asked the questions as listed below:  
'Why is it that Heavenly Father require us to do that work?' 
'What is Heavenly Father is trying to get me to do?' 

Hasten is done by announcing the lowing the age for the Missionaries to go out and serve. 

1/ Deep our 'Own Conversion'

By reading 'The Book Of Mormon' which is our Stake Challenge. 
Each time we read, we get to know Jesus christ and learn 'The Another Testament of Jesus Christ' 
'The Book of Mormon' can 'PROTECT' or 'SAVE' us by everyday scripture reading. 

2/ Praying with a 'Real Content' 

Sister Acheson talked about, 'praying with a purpose,' 'attending our meetings,' 'Family home evenings - even if we don't have no one, join in with a Sister,' 'magnifying our calling,' 'commit to others' and 'keeping the covenants.' 

'Willingness' - Mighty change of heart
'Exercise' our agency
'Moderate' Revelation 
3/ Service

Sister Acheson talked about Service.

1. 'Visiting Teaching'
2. 'Stewardship'
3. 'Bring the Temple home'
4. 'Share the gospel'
5. 'Love as Christ would'

Short Video Clip: 

It was mixed of 'Images of Jesus Christ,' 'Images of Relief Society Sisters' and 'Videos' The Video was playing this song, which is the video of and I invite you to listen to the Song.

                                                    'The Song is called Perfect Love.'

Last Speaker was: 'President Tuddenham' 
'1st Counsellor in the Stake Presidency'

President Tuddenham talked abou the two Scriptures 'briefly,' as listed below. 
Luke, Chapter 10: 'Verse 38' Mosiah, Chapter 4: 'Verse 27' 

He also talked about the situtation when he rushed to put his youngest daughter to drive on the 'Highway' as she is a learner driver.

'How do I hasten the Work?' - Bringing happiness unto others.

Closing Song was: '#98 - I Need Thee Every Hour.' 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Updated About Me} February 2014

Where do I start? This isn't in order.

1. Well I graduated Laidley State High School mid November last year.

2. I attended 'Year 12 Graduation Trip' during 'Schoolies Week' last year.

3. My Favourite Day has changed from 'Sundays' to 'Mondays'

4. I currently have '1' Church Calling which is The Laurels President in the Young Women's Organisation.

5. I am currently working towards my Course in 'Business and Adminstration' and I am enjoying it.

6. I have been going to the Temple more than '1' time per month.

7. I have been keeping 'up to date' my blogs.

8. I attended 'SMYC' - Special Multistake Youth Conference in 'January 2014.'

9. My hobbies has changed from 'Photography, Songwriting, Singing, Dancing and Piano Playing' to
'Photography, Blogging and Piano Playing.'

10. I have been doing more 'Missionary Work' than last year.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Overview Of My Birthday

For this year for my Birthday was different compare to my previous Birthday! I can still remember my previous Birthday!


I received '1' Phone Call from Nanna (which is my Mum's Mum), '1' Birthday Card from my Family, '1' Photography Magazine from Poppy (which is my Mum's Dad), '1' Gift Card from my Mum, '1' Packet of Nerds from my youngest Sister, '1' letter long from my younger Sister, '2' Emails from '2' Elder Missionaries and '3' Text messages (2 from friends, 1 from relative).

< - - - - That was taken on my Previous Birthday and I was heading to my Aunty's Place with my Family.

This was 1 of the awesome photos that I got with my youngest sister on the way to there!  

This photo was taken the day after my Birthday. - - >

Again, this year I got to spent my Birthday with my Family which I thought that was awesome!! 

My youngest Sister thought to make it special by inviting some of her friends to celebrate my Birthday with a 'Birthday Party' and it was totally unexpected. It was small but it is memorable event. I hope I will remember this Birthday! 

I liked this Birthday and it was better than I imagined it would be! 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

18 Months in Australia Sydney South (Jacquelyn Knowles)

Just recently, I received a message from one of my Church Friends and her name is Jacquelyn Knowles. She received her Mission Call and she opened her Mission Call! I was so excited and wondering of where she will be going for her Mission. She shared the news with me and she mentioned "I got my mission call to Australia Sydney South!" I was so speechless. I didn't know what to say at the time.

I couldn't believe that Heavenly Father has sent her to AUSTRALIA for her Mission. I am 100% sure that she will love Australia! She gets to spend 18 months of her life in AUSTRALIA! That is so amazing! Jacquelyn, if you ever read this specific blog post, I have written you a letter and I hope you like it.

"Dear Jacquelyn,

I am extremely happy for you, I am so excited for you to come Australia for your Mission for 18 months! That's 1 Year and a half in Australia! I am so grateful that you told me where you are going for your Mission otherwise I wouldn't have known! It just amazes me that Heavenly Father has sent you here in AUSTRALIA for your Mission! I really hope you like your time in Australia. Hopefully one day on your Mission, I hope to see you serving the Lord, wouldn't that be great!

Just remember ask me any questions that you have, either it is related about Missionary Work or Australia or anything! I will answer your questions honestly.

From your Australian friend Megan Green."

Jacquelyn, you will be a wonderful Sister Missionary!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Not Ashamed

I have been raised up as a Latter-Day Saint known as a Mormon all my life. I love being a Church Member. I always try my best of being a Missionary to anyone who I meet (if they aren't members of the Church). I am not ashamed about sharing the gospel.

Sometimes, I ask myself the following questions as listed below.

How can I prepare myself answering any questions that the stranger may ask me?
How can I make the conversation last more than 3 minutes about the Gospel?

If you reading this and you aren't a Latter-Day Saint known as a Mormon, I suggest you to have a look either one of the following links or both of them. It's really interesting. or

If you see the Missionaries, don't forget to say "Hi" to them. Try to always remember this, they are serving the Lord, they are taking up their time to teach the Gospel and if you allow them to see you for discussions, they can try to answer any questions you have.