Friday, 29 November 2013


To get to know a little bit about Myself

I am oldest child in my Family. I am Latter Day Saint/Mormon. I have 2 Sisters and 1 Brother. I have Countless Friends. 

My Favourite Building would be Latter Day Saints Temples. My Favourite Colour would be Sky Blue. My Favourite Day of the Week would be Sundays. 

During my time in High School, I have completed 7 Certificate Courses. Those Certificates are: Apply First Aid,

Certificate I's in Business and IT (Information and Technology)

Certificate II's in Retail, Hospitality, IDMT (Information, Digital, Media and Technology) and Workplace Practices 

My Hobbies are; Photography, Playing the Piano, Singing and Dancing! 

Did you know?? I used to do Songwriting as a Hobby but I have stopped doing that for ages. I might do Songwriting again sometime but I am not too sure when I will do Songwriting again. My songs are Church Related, Patience, Friends and a few more. 

Also, I used to do Song Covers and I stopped doing that for ages, because I wasn't too good at it (well I don't think I was any good). Just recently, I bought up my confidence again and tried again for doing Song Covers. 

That's all from me for now. 

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