Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Emails from Missionaries

Just recently, I have been receiving heaps and heaps of emails from my friends who is currently Missionaries! They are all serving in different Missions with different cultures and different languages! Anyway, it always makes me smile and laugh whenever I receive an email from them. I love receiving long emails and I also love receiving short emails! Emails are emails to me! 

Lately, I have been noticing that I have been receiving emails has been getting longer and longer after each email definitely longer than the first email! Most of the friends who is currently Missionaries has been thanking me for emailing them and also they appreciate that I have been emailing them!

There are only a few missionaries that I have been mentioning to their emails is of what I have been up to lately and any updates during the Week! I am so grateful that I have the privileged to able to email them during the Week and knowing after emailing them, that I will wait to wait for their next P-Days (Preparation Days) to reply back (emailing me back). I really apprecaite them for emailing me. Their emails either highlight the day or the evening or the week or the month! Either way, I'm so grateful that there is such thing as emails these days to keep in contact.

That's all from me for now. 

Thanks to Pinterest for these two images below.

Image 1: is "explaining what is a Missionary." 

As for the other one, Image 2 is about "10 Ways You and Your Family Can Assist The MISSIONARIES in your area."

Meaning of What is a Missionary. 

10 Ways

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