Monday, 2 December 2013

Photography Business

2 Years and 3 months (in 27 months) ago, I started my own Photography Business. It's still currently running! It's all started when I used to take photos during my time as a student at high school (Laidley State High School). I really enjoyed taking photos since then, so I decided to start a Photography Business. Throughout 2012, I attended EFY (Especially For Youth), Church Dances, Church Balls and some over events. I took heaps of photos during those events! I felt so grateful about that! Ever since 2013 arrived, my Photography Business is no longer known as just a Photography Business, it is well known as a Event Photography Business which I can take photos of people while during the Events such as Weddings, Dances and many more events! 2013 has treated been TERRIFIC especially with more opportunities to take photos while my travels.

If you haven't seen my Event Photography Business as yet, I suggest you to check it out! Tell me what you think about it. If you haven't liked it yet, I suggest you to like the page. I would appreciate more support, and I am hoping to reach over 900 likes by the end of 2013! 

 Here's the link below, 

That's all from me for now. 

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