Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Years Eve!

Happy New Year

It doesn't seem long until I say the "Goodbye 2014 forever!" I already have started crying about it, sadly. I will just have to get over it eventually though! I meet so many lovely people this year! I am definitely looking forward for what Year 2014 has in stored for me!

I am definitely not looking forward about going to the Hosptial this Saturday. I will be getting a Check Up. It's not really the best way to start Year 2014. Oh, well! I am definitely looking forward to SMYC: Special Multistake Youth Conference (with 2000 Youth)! I hope I can make heaps of new friends like I did in EFY: Especially For Youth back in almost 2 Years ago! 

I am really excited for SMYC! Not too long to wait now! It would be great to be away from Home. I haven't even started packing yet for it! Oops! I guess it is something for me to work on to do in the next few days (hopefully)! 

Below is a few photos of the Highlights of what meant the most to me throughout Year 2013!


I KNOW My Family Can Be Together Forever

I have made so many friends in YSA for Year 2013!

Thank you so much YSA! I really enjoyed the Fast Breakers, Family Home Evenings and I really mostly enjoyed Missionary Preparation Classes with you YSA in Year 2013! It is going to sad when some of us YSA is going on our Missions and serve the Lord (leaving in early Year 2014). I am sure we all going to miss each other!

It was really lovely meeting some Latter Day Saints/Mormons Converts throughout this year and knowing most of them that they would like to serve a Mission one day!!

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