Monday, 9 December 2013

Temple Vists

Part 2:- 

I always love visiting the Temple (not only because it's my favourite building, it is because I have my own current Temple Recommend that allows me to do sessions inside the Temple). I always find PEACE and QUIET at the Temple. 

I have done total about 8 Sessions or more this year which is something that I should be proud of. I have made 8 New Friends and it's amazing that I have kept contact almost every single one. I learnt something new with each of them! 

One of the 8 Friends, I found out that she is close friends with the friend (who is currently serving his mission)'s one of his older brother's wife. It really complicated to say. 

Another one of the 8 Friends, she was inactive of the Church for a long time (6 years) and she came back to Church (which I am so glad that she made the choice to come back to Church). 

Another one of the 8 Friends, I found out that she is one of my friend's sister (which I thought that was really interesting).

Two of the 8 Friends, they got married at the Temple. I took some photos of their BIG DAY!

Three of the 8 New Friends, I found out that they are Latter Day Saints Converts and it was so awesome! All three of them has different stories of how they became members of the Church (as Latter Day Saints). All three of them has a desire and would like to serve their missions one day. 

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