Sunday, 2 March 2014

"Happy Birthday Mum"

Throughout this blog post is the photos that I took of my Mum and I today after Church.

Today is the day! Today is my Mum's Birthday! Overall, I assume that she had a good Birthday. I am glad that she is my Mum. Each year, I have noticed that her and I do have our Up's and Down's.
I always have good times with Mum (well at least try to anyway). I always enjoyed the times when I spend time with her. I know she isn't perfect and still learning new things.
I have noticed that sometimes, she is funny or she is happy or she is sad or whatever it is, she always shows her expressions of her feelings. I am glad that I am the oldest child and sometimes I just don't show that.

Mum, if you are reading this; I invite you to read this short letter.

Dear Mum,

I apologised that I didn't get anything for you for your Birthday but that's alright. I am glad that you try your best to set an example to me and I liked that. I realised a lot thoughout my life that life isn't easy and we all face trails (it's part of life). I have noticed that you try to keep yourself busy which is good (I reckon). I would like to say thank you for being here when I need you. I am so grateful that you are my Mum no matter what. I LOVE YOU very much.

From Megan.

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