Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Reading The Book of Mormon Challenge

I challenged myself to read 'The Book of Mormon' from cover to cover (it is also the Ipswich Stake's Challenge). The last time that I have done that was when I was 14 years old and I didn't challenged myself last time. I thought I can do it all over again but this time it is my Challenge. I took some effort for me to able to reach 'Alma' yesterday and it took me 53 days to get that far. Somewhere or somehow I remember someone was telling me in a Church Class one time that 'The Book of Mormon' does protect you and it may save your life one day.

I have been enjoying every minute of reading 'The Book of Mormon.' I am so glad that I have the gospel in my life. I love doing Missionary Work and share some of those experiences with some friends. I love being an example to those non-members of the Church about the Gospel and invite them to Church Events. I am glad that each time that I do, they always accepted and go to the Events.

However, one week I will able to get the opportunity to go tracking with the Missionaries and reach out to those individuals or families that would like to hear the message and know more about the Church. 

Most times, I already have been recognised that I am a Sister Missionary for whenever I teach someone about the Gospel. It is a wonderful feeling that people say to me "Hey Sister Green." It makes me feel so much happy! I am a Mormon and I will never ever forget that!!

If you have any questions about the Mormons, click on the following links and go from there. 

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