Thursday, 20 March 2014

And I'm a Mormon

I am a Photographer, Piano Player, my name is Megan Green and I am a Mormon. I have been raised up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints known as Mormons for all my life. I am glad that I have been a member all of my life. I don't imagine myself being a convert to the Church.

When I attend Church on Sundays {including attending classes} and attend Institute, I am always learning something new which is always great! I loved taking notes about what I learnt because it always help me to look back at the notes and see how much it can be useful to me one day.

Regardless, I love saying that "I am a Mormon" because I just do and it's nice for other people to know that I am a Mormon. I love going to the Temple because it's so beautiful, I find peace while I am there, I have made some new friends while I am there, the Temple makes me happy and I love doing the Lord's Work. 

I have made many friends in the Church so far and I reckon it's great to have many friends that believes the same beliefs as I do. I can still remember that I had some conversations with some friends about what they learnt at Church, they will tell me and they ask me the same question. I just loved having those sorts of conversations that my friends and I always have different answers. It is always wonderful blessings to me. 

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