Sunday, 23 February 2014

Make Every Second Counts

Today, I saw one of my newest friends who I have met the previous Sunday and her name is Saane. She was engaged when I have met her. When I saw her today, she is married and because her husband's last name is 'Green,' Saane has the same last name as me.  It was so awesome because both of her and I have the same last name now. However I am not related to her Husband (Mosiah)'s family.

Sometimes I say this saying, "I mostly get asked if I am related to someone who has the same last name as me, and I say, I am not related to him or her."

Today was a mermorable day to me. When Saane was introducing me to '2' of Mosiah's relatives, I was with her and that was alright with that, She was saying something like this, "Hey, this is Megan Green but she isn't related to you." It was amazing feeling that she did that! I can still remember that I still got asked several times if I was related to Mosiah.

Image as displayed left - right: Kim Green, Me and Saane Green. As Kim said today, "The photo with the Greens."
I am so grateful that I met Saane when I did (that was just a week ago). Time is definitely going fast! It was great to see Saane before she went on her Honeymoon today. I loved seeing new people and straight away I feel like if I have known them for ages when it's really I have known them for a short period of time.

I always remember this saying, "Make every second counts." I am so grateful who I saw and met today! It was lovely and great!

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