Friday, 13 June 2014

I Don't Always Prepare

I spoke with my Stake President to hear what he thinks about the decision of me serving a mission or not. I wasn't sure at the time. He said "Give it 8 to 9 months to decide about serving a mission or not." I was like "that is the month when my next Birthday is." I have been deciding a lot lately and thinking if the mission is really for me or not.

I like how the missions are optional for the girls, they can serve from 4 months as minimum to 18 months as maximum. I thought about serving a mission for around 6 to 8 months. I kept changing my mind and I will stick with 6 months at the moment. I said to a friend who is currently serving his mission, "I don't always prepare," which is true. I don't always go to Institute every week, I don't always go to Mission Prep every week and I don't study Preach My Gospel everyday. I love making a goal to go to the Temple as much as I can. 

I love looking out for opportunities to share the gospel. I love how I have been getting constantly asked by non-member friends about the gospel. I really liked how one of my non-member friends wants to become a member already, she has been to Young Women's a few times when I was in Young Women's and she haven't got discussions from the Missionaries yet.

Sometimes we may think when we talk to our non-member friends at school is going nowhere. I felt I have done as much as I can to be an example to my non-member friends. One of Church friends who is a convert to the Church, became a member by seeing my happiness that I have with the gospel and she attended SMYC. I told the Elder who she used to get discussions with, "She became a Church member last year and she got baptised last year in March." The look of his expression was priceless. It was like "is this real?" He was so happy.

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