Friday, 20 June 2014

The Story of My Last Date

One of my friends requested for me to have a blog post; that will explains about who I dated last, how him and I met, and about the last date. I'm sorry Elijah that you might read this post sometime when you come home on your mission.

I don't remember meeting Elijah during EFY 2012. He doesn't remember either. We didn't become "official" friends until after EFY 2012. I was texting some of my friends including Elijah to see who would be interested to go to the Temple because I was at the Temple in early June last year. Elijah and I stayed contact since then.

There was a Priest and Laurels Ball coming up in July last year and he ended up being my date for the night. 
2 days later after the date; he told me that he liked the photo that he took of just me out of all the photos. Which is the photo above. 
About 2 months later after he left to go on his mission; I decided to start emailing Elijah. It was one of good decisions that I ever decided to do! He emailed me and I was so happy. Out of all my other friends who emails me {other than Elder Pinyon, Elder Lawrence, Sister Bawden and some others with weekly emails},
The last time that I heard from him through emails was this week! He still has another 16 months left of his mission. He still have ages to go. Oh well.