Thursday, 5 June 2014

Appreciation Matters

I'm so grateful when some of my friends who are currently serving their missions, appreciates their emails from me. I always try to keep them updated about what I was doing for the week, share any of my missionary opportunities and always try to share encouraging words that will help them to continue serving their missions. Sometimes, I get emails as replies that is totally not relevant of what I have said to them but nevertheless, I always happy to receive replies back from them. Sometimes, I don't realised of how much I can mean to someone until they tell me.

One of my friends who is currently serving her mission in Australia Melbourne Mission has emailed me two weeks ago and her email meant so much to me. It was an amazing email that I have received. She mentioned  through the email to me;

"hey Megan.

thank you so much for your uplifting emails I really really appreciate them :D.. thank you for your courage and your uplifting experiences :D..

you are such a wonderful example, especially to me. thank you for being someone that I can learn from and being a wonderful daughter of God.

take care. Sister Wirihana"

I thought it was nice for you to able to see it yourself of what she said to me. Well for 2 years of being friends with her, we haven't talked to each other much at all. It was so amazing for me to know that I am someone who can learn from and a wonderful example to a friend who is older than me. I really appreciated that email so much and it has bought me so much happiness!

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