Friday, 1 August 2014

See You in 18 Months Sister Hillier

I last saw Leah at YSA {Young Single Adults} Ball which was 3 weeks ago. I'm very grateful that I was privileged to be in a photo with her and her boyfriend Dwayne on the same night when I last saw Leah. Thank you Luke Reynolds for taking the photo. I will always remember this photo because it's the only photo that I ever got with Leah. 

I remembered sometime during the process for Leah waiting to leave to go to the Missionary Training Centre {MTC}, her and I had a conversation about if I could do a blog for her while she was serving her mission. She was happy for me to do a blog for her and she even helped me of what she would like the blog to look like. It was a great time for setting up and creating her blog. It will look better when I start adding posts about her experiences during the MTC and her mission as well as photos. Leah will be emailing me every week and I will be updating her blog which is the link as below. 

I'm really grateful when I first met Leah at EFY {Especially for Youth} in 2012. She is so lucky that she got called to serve in Tahiti Papeete Mission. It's a very beautiful place to get called to serve. Each blog post, I will be tagging her with me as my status so that everyone could see the updates. Stay Tuned. I miss her so much already. SEE YOU IN 18 MONTHS SISTER HILLIER!

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