Wednesday, 7 October 2015

I am Grateful for My Qualifications

Day 18: I am Grateful for My Qualifications and Certificates.

Why am I Grateful for My Qualifications?
I am Grateful for My Qualifications because I like studying,
I have put heaps of time and effort towards my Qualifications
I am able to receive the Qualifications at the end of the courses,
I always love learning new things, I get to have the knowledge of the courses for ages,
and other reasons.
I encourage you to think about the following questions.
What qualifications or/and short certificates courses have you completed in this life so far?
What degree or short certificate course are you currently studying towards?
Are you still thinking of what you want to be?

Are you grateful for your Qualifications if you have any Qualifications?
If you are studying towards a degree or a short certificate course, is it something that you want to do for a career choice?

I haven't studied a course since completing my two courses in July this year.
I am still waiting for my two qualifications to arrive through the mail.

Stay Tuned until next time.


  1. I have immense admiration for those who have achieved qualifications through their time, effort and determination. Anyone can quit. People do it all the time. Even I did it many years ago.
    If you want what other people will never have, you need to do things other people will never do.
    Congratulations of your qualifications. You are one of those who will have more options for your future than those who quit. I am proud of your achievements. You inspire me.

    1. Thank you very much and I am glad that I inspire you.