Tuesday, 15 April 2014


I was thinking for the past few weeks about Forgiveness and I didn't understand why. I was thinking about having a post about it a few weeks ago but I didn't ended up posting it. So here it is the post. Take around 10 minutes out of your time, to read it.

Forgiveness means to me is to able to forgive someone, I mean it and try not doing that same mistake again. I know it can be hard for forgiving others especially to those people to hurts you the most. Sometimes, I try to understand what people situations are. As the way that I think about it, for one of the examples:

What would I do when someone hurt my feelings, I will tell him or/and her how I felt, ask him or/and her to apologise me, forgive him or/and her and ask Heavenly Father for to able to soften his or/and her heart. It helps to overcome of what has happened. I learnt at Institute, to always think about the Christ-like attributes and think about what we do if we were like the Saviour.

I always try to stay strong about anything that can let me down. Always keep our head up, and always learn to forgive. It doesn't hurt unless you keep putting forgiveness off. It will be hard to take that heavy burden away. So start FORGIVIVING today!

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