Sunday, 27 April 2014

Super Member Missionary

Around July last year, I keep up to date with one of the Ward Missionaries who was serving in my Ward. He emailed home and he mentioned in his email "We had to push our baptismal date back but we set another one with a young girl who is friends with a member of the ward. The member friend's name is Megan and she is like super member missionary. She is always sharing the Gospel with her friends and inviting them to church. She is an example of how we all should be."

It makes me feel great to know that a Missionary say about me to his family. It was really nice of him to that. I love seeing people's reactions of my happiness and knowing that I am a Latter Day Saint (known as Mormon). It always makes me grateful. Lately, I received messages from a few non-member friends and a few members friends to say that one of my blogs and I am inspirational for them which I thought that was nice of them to say that.

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