Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Better Luck Next Time

Today, it was my first day to do a driving test and I failed. I wasn't nervous at all and I kept calm through the whole driving test. I was disappointed that I have failed. I wouldn't mention of what went wrong but at least I know what I could improve on for next time. 

I love this scripture which is found in Proverbs 3:5-6
I really am grateful that I have given it a go for the Driving Test. I really appreciated to some friends who said "Good Luck" to me. This week, I received total of 16 different emails from 14 different friends, a new friend and 1 friend's companions who all are serving their Full Time Missions. About 80% wished me good luck for the Driving Test, 10% with weekly updates and 10% general conversations through emails. I was so happy when I received those emails.

So I will try again to do the Driving Test again and it would be a long wait for it. It wouldn't be until July to do it again. I will continue practicing while waiting. I have become more understanding that everything doesn't always go right for the first time, we can choose to do it again and try again. 

Lastly, here's a short video called "Men's Hearts Shall Fail Them" and it talks about Elder Russell M. Nelson shares a personal story to give encouragement for when we feel "weak in the heart." I love when he mentions "Don't let your heart fail you. Be strong. Have faith. "Demand of yourself improvement. As you let the Lord help you, He will make the difference!"

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