Monday, 18 May 2015

18 Months in Samoa Apia (Marah Dixon)

Where to start? So I have met Marah when her and I attended Grade 12 Graduation Trip with was a few years ago. I remembered when me and her saw each other a few times at the Temple and forgotten each other's names. We finally get to be Facebook Friends since towards end of July last year. We stayed in touch since, via phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages and spending heaps of time together filled with memories.

I considered her as one of my best friends ever since we got each other's phone numbers. I always loved spending time with her.

My best friend Marah texted me when her mission call has arrived. All the excitement arrived. I felt impatiently when I was waiting for her to call me on Saturday about where she is going, when she reports to the Missionary Training Centre, and what language will she has to prepare to speak during the mission.

She called me and mentioned to me that I have 3 guesses. She ended up allowing me have 2 guesses. My guesses Scotland or New Zealand and when she told me, I was so surprised. 

Marah has been called to serve in Samoa Apia Mission for 18 months. She reports to Provo Missionary Training Centre on Tuesday 28th of July, 2015 and she is to prepare to teach in Samoan language. I was so happy for her.
I can't wait to come back and spend some time with her. I told her "You will be a great Missionary wherever you get called to serve." She has done so many mission preparations, scripture studies, etc. I have been trying my best to follow her example slowly but knowing it hasn't been easy.

Preparing for a mission is one of the greatest preparations for life. I know Marah will be a great Sister Missionary, I know that she will miss me heaps, I know that I will miss her, I know that she will miss heaps of friends before leaving and other things.

It has been a month or 2 months since I saw last her and it feels like that we haven't seen each other more than 5 months or so.

All the best for your mission Marah!! I will try my very best to stay in touch with you even if it is Dear Elder everyday when you are at Provo Missionary Training Center. 

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