Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Past Mistakes and Failures Rest In

This post is based on a song that I love, called "Pieces by Meredith Andrews." It is definitely a great song to listen to or read the lyrics. I strongly encourage you to listen to the song now or in your own time. This post is short and sweet.

Here's the Video below.

If you can't see the Video above, here's the link below

I liked a part that mentions, "Past mistakes and failures rest in who He is, He knows how you to make your pieces fit."
Readers, I encourage you all to think for a few minutes to 5 minutes to ask yourselves of "Why would I read this post?" "Is there more meaningful than I expected?" "What will I learn from reading this post?"

This post also relates to somehow about the Atonement. Jesus Christ suffered and died for all of us. We all need to forget about what happened in the past of our PAST MISTAKES AND FAILURES, and move on with time. I understand it can be hard and difficult time to let go of the past, but that's okay. We always seem to become better and better each day. It's all about progression.

It's time now to think about the present and future. What things could we improve to make a difference in the world today, that I wasn't able to do 3 to 5 years ago?

That's all from me for now.

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