Tuesday, 7 January 2014


My goodness, I can't believe it but I have to believe it. SMYC/EFY has started today (this morning). Wow, there is so many youth here. It's crazy! As far as I know, there are 2000 youth (that is a lot)!! I was so excited and so happy this morning for leaving! It's like if I was going on the mission, wouldn't be seeing my family. Anyway, I drove some of the way to there. My younger sister drove some of the way to there as well.

Both young drivers on the roads (in driving different cars) + under the age 20 years old = It surely was a journey! I am enjoying my time here at SMYC/EFY already! It's not like I miss home yet. Haha. I kept going back trying to remember the memories back in EFY (in Year 2012) amd how it changed my life. I hope this time will be even better (hopefully). Sometimes, it would be like nothing like the original version of a song but it still great of other people trying for the covers!

Well I can't say that much longer. I am running out of time. It's not even bed time yet or anything like that yet. It is just I can't miss out of too much fun that is happening at the moment! So stay tuned for the photos that will be uploaded in the meantime!

I would like some of my friends who didn't come, I suggest you to come next time!! It's really worthwhile! Trust me! It's my second time going but it is great!!!

That's all from me for now.

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