Friday, 11 November 2016

All Responsibilties Starts in the Home

This post is short and sweet. I must admit for the past few days has been a little different to my schedule from last week. I am serious. I have been planning a lot better and planning back up plans a lot better. I have been slowly to become the best person who I can be.

For the past few days including today, I have been helping my Mum. She has asked me to drop off my two siblings who still lives at home to take them to their schools. My first day, I failed because I love my sleep ins and I totally forgot.
When my Mum finished work that morning and after she arrived home after work, I felt discouraged and I decided to hug her. I encouraged myself to say that I was so sorry. Sometimes it is not easy to show that I am truly sorry other than seeking forgiveness through personal prayers.

I learned that I do have a responsibility and that was to drop off my two younger siblings to their schools because my Mum has work in early mornings. I encourage you to always remember your responsibilities in the home and all responsibilities starts in the home.

Take responsibility to either cheer someone up who is feeling down, help someone if you see someone is moving into their new home, help someone if they need help with transport to places, and many more ideas.

I promise you if you do take responsibility, you will feel a happier person.

Stay Tuned until next time.

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