Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Blessings plus Miracles equals happiness and joy

I would like to share with you some of my highlights about what I have been doing for the past few days. I have witnessed a lot of Blessings and Miracles. I have been so busy with focusing on Missionary work.

Both Camira Ward Sisters and Goodna Ward Sisters does not have the use of a car. 

On Sunday afternoon; I was with my current ward Elders to teach an investigator about The Book of Mormon. The questions based around The Book of Mormon from that investigator's friend was amazing. The investigator's friend quickly looked through The Book of Mormon and he decided that he would like to start reading The Book of Mormon before the Elders visit the investigator and his friend again.

On Monday: It was a busy day. I spent the morning with my Mum. Sometime after 1pm, I filled up my car. I picked up Camira Ward Sisters and Goodna Ward Sisters from Goodna, we went to a library for them to email home and of course, I joined with them. Eventually, I dropped them both to their flat and I joined with the Goodna Ward Sisters for Family Home Evening at a members home and the members's background is Tongan.

It was so awesome for the Family Home Evening because there was a non-members's family was present. I shared a few great insights during Family Home Evening. After Family Home Evening, we all had dinner and dessert. Eventually, I dropped Goodna Ward Sisters at their flat and I went to a close childhood friend's house to stay over night.

Today: I woke up after having three hours and thirty minutes to four hours sleep. I had personal prayer and some scripture reading. While I was driving to the Sisters's flat, it was raining and the rain stopped not long after I arrived at there. Camira Ward Sisters got picked up by a van full a Missionaries, it was super crazy thing that I ever seen.

I picked up the Goodna Ward Sisters and I went to their Zone Meeting. It was fanstatic. I really enjoyed the Meeting. I shared a few great Insights. After the Zone Meeting, we had lunch out and then sometime after that, we went back to the flat. Camira Ward Sisters was back. I dropped off the Goodna Ward Sisters and I picked up the Camira Ward Sisters.

I was going to take the Camira Ward Sisters to the bus stop, but I have offered them that I will take them to all the way where they are going to track/finding/door knocking. I noticed my fuel kept displaying full as the area where they went for track/finding/door knocking is near Forest Lake Ward boundaries.

My fuel was slowly not being so full after dropping them off. I drove back to the flat and I picked up the Goodna Ward Sisters. We went to visit a few less actives but they were not home. We also went to the Post Office to send something to the Mission Home. Sometime after that, we went back to the flat.

After a long day with providing service for both of the Goodna Ward Sisters and Camira Ward Sisters, I decided to go to the Temple. While I was at the Temple, I was sitting in the Waiting Room and I was holding a spare skirt. I did not fully understand why other than I would like to wear the skirt myself.

I was waiting for about ten to fifteen minutes, I met a young woman named Sarah Williams. She did not have any skirt or wearing any church clothes for attending a session at the Temple. Thank goodness, I had that skirt that I was holding on and I gave it to Sarah to borrow. The skirt perfectly fits her better than it does on me. Hahaha!
Me and her was able to attend a Baptisty Session together. It was wonderful opportunity because the names that I did on behalf, most of the names was immediate family members as sisters. I felt the names that I have done on behalf, has accepted the Gospel and must have waited for so long to be baptised.

After attending the session, I went to Institute. I thought I was running late to Institute. When I found out that I was not running late, I was so amazed and so happy. I learned heaps at Institute and I shared a few great Insights. Sometime after Institute, the teacher who taught the lesson has thanked me for my great insights.

I was so proud of myself. After socialising, arranging plans with the Goodna Ward Sisters and Camira Ward Sisters via text messages and calls and on Facebook for a short two minutes, I decided to go back inside the Temple. I felt so much happy.

As I walked outside the Temple, I seemed to be so happy and filled with so much joy! I learned "I may seem to be tired because of not getting enough sleep but I do know one thing for this topic and that is Heavenly Father always make sure that I have a good night sleep/plenty of rest/wake up refresh in the morning whenever I pray for it to happen."

I eventually decided to go home. As I driving further away from the Temple and about thirty minutes from home, my car did not like me because my fuel was not as a full than it was this afternoon around fifteen minutes before arriving at the Temple and it was on track to go on halfway and I was not happy. Oh well.

I know I will always receive blessings whenever I am striving my best to be exact obedient to Heavenly Father, the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and so on. I know that sometimes I do not acknowledge the blessings straight away because of distractions gets in the way but when the blessings do come, I always filled with happiness and joy.

If you can not see the Image that I have shared for this post, it says "Because I have been given much, I too must give."
Stay Tuned until next time.

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