Thursday, 3 November 2016


Service makes me feel happy. Does service makes you feel happy? I miss using my time wisely with a lot of service lately. I miss helping the Forest Lake Elders, helping the Goodna Ward Sisters, helping the Camira Ward Sisters and helping the Karana Downs Ward Elders. I would like share with you what was my highlights for today.

When I woke up this morning, I felt like I did not want to stay at home because I was used to a new routine of being away from home for the most of the day. It was not until around 1pm when I left home for today and I drove to the mechanics because the fan belt of my car needed to be tightened and it was free to fix.

While I was waiting for that to get done, I was thinking and writing some plans for the remaining of this week and all plans for next week. I decided to call next door's neighbour to see if she would like to go to the bank, go to the library, get her shopping done, and get other things done. She said "Yes."

The moment when she said, "Yes," I was filled with happiness because I was looking forward to do more service. My fuel for my car was half-full when I picked up the next door's neighbour. We went to the bank at Riverlink, then we went to the department of transport in Ipswich, then we went to the Ipswich Library for one hour and ten minutes, then we went to Drakes/Super IGA at Yamanto, and then we went home.
While we were at the local Library; we both used the computers, I was able to contact my Mum's parents to find out if they can look after my brother after school and I was able to contact my brother's school's office to say to my brother to go to my Mum's parents after school. The next door's neighbour was able to do a few other things.
She was suggesting that she would like to get only cheese at a local supermarket. I told her I would be happy to drive elsewhere to go to the supermarket that might want to change her mind about buying one item. It amazes me so much that while I was doing service by providing a lift for the next door's neighbour and helped with the shop, it made me happy.

I strongly encourage you to help someone, it can be anyone starting from today. You can help brighten someone's day by visiting him or her. You can call a friend that you have not spoken to for a long time, you can go and volunteer at a local nursing home, etc.

If you can not see the Image that I have shared for this post, it says "By giving SERVICE to others, I give SERVICE to God."
Stay Tuned until next time.

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