Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Five Hours Service Project and Helping in Other Ways

This post is another long post like the previous post. This post is based on some highlights of my day today and my evening tonight. It was all about service! I had a massive day today and long evening this evening. I set alarm to wake up around 9:20am, but I was woken up early around 8am by my Mum because she has other plans and she would like me to take and drop off my two younger siblings to their schools.

At first, I was not happy about it but not long after I said my personal morning prayer, I felt glad that I woke early because I was able to achieve so much today. After saying my personal prayer, I read a few sections of The Doctrine and Covenants. I did not have a proper breakfast, oops.

After dropping off my two younger siblings to their schools, I went to a job agency where I have to go every two weeks to report my job search for two weeks and I arrived super early. I arrived around one hour earlier than my set time for my appointment. After walking out of the appointment, I received a phone call from Forest Lake Ward Elders, a phone call from my Dad, a phone call from Camira Ward Sisters and Goodna Ward Sisters.

Please do not call me Miss Popular. Hahaha! I am serious because all phone calls was not long, it was about three minutes to five minutes each. I spent five hours service project with Camira Ward Sisters and Goodna Ward Sisters to help cleaning at a non-members's family home. It was fun! Before the service project, we had prayer and a scripture that is found in Doctrine and Covenants, Section 88: verse 119. We were all listening to church music as we were cleaning the house.
Another highlight was eating pizza and drinking softdrinks (soda) for lunch. After spending time with the Sisters, I started heading my way to Forest Lake Ward Boundaries. The Forest Lake Ward Elders called me and it was fun to have a conversation with them because I was lost and they were able to assist a little about what to do. 

After the phone call, I did not prayer for direction. I tried to use my old phone as a GPS and it did not work. I felt down because I kept taking the wrong turns, I was getting annoyed and I wanted to cry. I did not like arriving at appointments super late even if it is a little late. I called the Forest Lake Ward Elders.

I expressed to the Elders that I was lost. The Elder answered the call, put his companion on to give me direction of how to get to their appointment. I was arriving super late. When I eventually arrived, I felt peace and felt relief. Thanks to the Forest Lake Ward Elders so much for directing me how to get to their appointment. The appointment that the Elders went to teach was a nonmember family and the background of the family is not English, it is Iraq (Middle East, Asia).

One Elder was helping a young girl with her math, the other Elder was helping a teenage young woman with her literacy and I was helping a young boy with his reading and sight words. It was so much fun! Afterwards, a Elder encouraged the teenager to read the first page of The Plan of Salvation pamphlet. It was wonderful to understand that she was striving her best to read in English.

I was able to share a brief testimony about The Book of Mormon that it relates to our day, when we start reading it, we would like to read more, etc. Sometime after that appointment, Elder Winter has thanked me for sharing my testimony and complimented about my testimony, He mentioned my testimony was short but powerful which makes me feel so good inside that my testimony was powerful. This evening, I was looking after my two younger siblings.

That is all for now. If you can not see the Images that I have shared for this post, it does not mention anything. It just shows three photos that was taken today. Top photo is me and Alexis. Bottom Right is me wearing a hat.

Bottom Left is me and Sister Li - she is one of Goodna Ward Sisters.

Stay Tuned until next time.

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