Saturday, 10 May 2014

Case Studied (a year ago)

Are you prepare to cry or be happy for me or both? The photos was taken on the day. I would like to celebrate that it has been 1 year since I got case studied.

On Friday, 10th of May last year, I was at Ipswich Hospital and not to worry, it was my decision to go to Ipswich Hospital. It was because I got an offer to either get case studied on or not. I accepted the offer and I got case studied on about the condition that I have. I was really excited and looking forward to the day.

Tammy and I.

Well, while I was at Ipswich Hospital, I saw other people who decided to get case studied on too. I only made one friend during the day. I met a woman named Tammy and Tammy who used to have the similar condition as me when her and I met. Between after I met her to now, she doesn't have a similar condition to me any more and I still have the condition that I have.

The day was awesome! I enjoyed my day and I got case studied more than once on that day. There was some doctors who was case studying me, there was some doctors who was amazed that I have the condition and there was other doctors. I got to keep a Hospital shorts that I was even borrowing for the day. Some people asked me questions such as "Do you have scoliosis?" "What condition do you have?" "What is it like to be you to have the condition that you have?"

To inform you, that I don't have scoliosis. I have a different condition.

I was 8 years when I was diagnosed the Condition that I have.

To find out information about the Condition that I have, here's the link below.

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