Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My Parent's 20th Wedding Anniversary

20 Years ago,  my parents got sealed in Sydney Temple for time and eternity. So in other words, my parents got married 20 years ago. They are great teachers and examples to me. I really am grateful of the things that they have taught me. The simple things that they taught me was how to drive. I like being independent and knowing it can be challenging. Little things that I do is simple, I have rely on myself to get my studies done up to date, etc.

One day, I will get married in a Latter Day Saint Temple for time and eternity. Each time I go to the Temple, makes me feel so much happy, finding peace easily, feeling comfort and feeling Heavenly Father's (God's) love for me.

Sydney LDS Temple
I have moved 11 times throughout life, with 3 different primary schools and 1 high school. I have made so many friends that has either helped me or encouraged me to become an example to other people or to be my friend when I need someone to talk to or when I am feeling, they cheer me up. I am grateful that I have friends who I can trust, friends who cares about me, friends who I can say that I miss them, friends who I can say that I love them and many more. They mean so much to me.

I know that at times we all go through hardships, misunderstandings, confusions about something has said and other times. I leave with you a video at the end and it's called Families Can Be Together Forever. Enjoy.

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