Thursday, 17 July 2014

1st Lesson with The Missionaries

I didn't get to go on a Mini Mission this week. On Sunday, I told the Missionaries that I will be available this Tuesday and this Thursday. One of the Missionaries text messaged me last night and I wouldn't mentioned the whole text message says. I will be mention the highlights of the text message that I received which was "Hey Megan we were hoping that you would be able to come with us to a lesson Thursday tomorrow at 1pm to teach a lady named Eden. We may be teaching either Plan of Salvation or Restoration to her, so try to read Preach My Gospel about them before the lesson. ~ missionaries." I was so happy!

I replied to them and some reason my text message didn't seem clear so I called them. One of the Missionaries and I talked about what I need to prepare myself other than just both Plan of Salvation and Restoration. I found out that I need to prepare myself by reading Restoration, Plan of Salvation, prepare to share a testimony and prepare to answer some questions.

So the next day came which was today, I texted them and mentioned to them "Hi. I thought to let you both know that I definitely coming and have prepared." I arrived to Eden's place about 10 minutes early. I ended up having to answer some questions from the Missionaries and got given to say the closing prayer. I was so glad that I came for the first lesson. I really enjoyed it. It was my first time to be with the Missionaries with the 1st lesson. I would really have opportunities like I did today again!

The weather was so beautiful today!

Any questions about Latter Day Saints/Mormons;

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