Tuesday, 24 March 2015

18 Months in Wellington NZ (Rowina Paia'aua)

As I was going through my newsfeed, I saw a status from Rowina Paia'aua about that she got her mission call. I got all excited. She has been called to serve in Wellington New Zealand Mission and she reports to the Auckland New Zealand Missionary Training Centre on Thursday May 21st, 2015.

I got to know Rowina when we first met each other which was EFY 2012. We were in St Leo's together. I miss a few free times when we would dance to any music was playing. We saw each other some events after that, such as Youth Dances, YSA Dances and Temple Trips whenever Rowina was in Brisbane. Those memories was great. 
I miss Rowina whenever she goes back to Rockhampton. She is a great friend and know that she will make a great Missionary one day. I was so happy that she got her mission call. It's hard to believe that she reports to the Missionary Training Centre less than 60 days. 

Rowina; if you are reading this post, "All the best for your mission, you will be a great Sister Missionary. Invite heaps of people to come unto Christ. Remember the Missionary's Purpose and Doctrine and Covenants Section 4, about hastening the work. You are a great friend. Make the most of it for your Mission. 18 Months will go fast when you are busy. Always remember busy Missionaries is always happy Missionaries. Have fun and I look forward to email you throughout your mission (and maybe letters too)."

Rowina is lucky to be called to serve in Wellington New Zealand Mission, I hope the members, recent converts and future investigators will treat Rowina with respect and well. I hope she will get many successes when she trusts in Heavenly Father.

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