Monday, 23 March 2015

Farewell Sister Ula Ete

Farewell Sister Ete. Sister Ete who is an amazing friend to me and she always set an amazing example to me. She still is setting me an amazing example to me. I didn't expect for her to go on a mission until I saw her status that she got her mission call. I got surprised and messaged her straight away.
Today, she left for her mission to serve in Washington DC for 18 months. She is very lucky to get called to serve there. She was crying so much even when she was hugging me. I didn't want her to leave and I didn't want to say bye to her for 18 months. I was very happy for her to make the decision to serve a mission.

When I look back at the photos that was taken today,it has been making me wanna cry. I don't want to cry. It has been making me miss her more and more. I was happy to be at the Brisbane Airport for her before she leaves.
I enjoyed spending some time with Dorothea today too. It was great. I still try not to cry when I go through shops with Dorothea in DFO after the Airport.

Sister Ete, I know that you wouldn't be seeing this post until you come home. I wanted to say more than what I have said to you for yesterday and today. I wanted to tell you "Thank you for being an amazing example to me, and you still are an amazing example to me. I am very happy for you to make the decision to serve a mission. All the best for 18 months in Washington DC. I hope you will enjoy the mission so much. Make the most of it and take many photos as you can, even if that means silly photos with your companion time to time. I look forward for emailing you during your mission (maybe letters too). Bye for now." 
I was so glad that I listened to Dorothea when she told me to take photos of her and her Mum hugging. It makes me feel so much love for them. Taking photos with Dorothea and a few others help too of having the use of my camera has been great to capture these last memories of Sister Ete before she leaves.

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