Friday, 20 March 2015

Splits with the Sister Missionaries

Last Saturday, I was doing splits with the Sister Missionaries. What does Splits with the Sister Missionaries means? It means, a member goes out with a Sister Missionary for a day and evening. The Sister Missionary's companion will be with another member for the same day and evening.

It was a wonderful experience. It feels like I was a Sister Missionary for the day because I got to wear a badge that says "SISTER GREEN THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS," attend appointments, meet heaps of new people, door knocking, I was able to get some photos and survived a day without using my phone.

I learnt so much from my companion. My companion for the day and evening was Sister Mwea. She was a great companion. I was able to ask her some questions and she was able to answer them which I was so grateful for. My companion and I knocked around 30 doors, found 2 Potential Investigators (Potential Investigator #1 is from Vietnam and Potential Investigator #2 is from China) and attended some appointments.

I loved to share with you the highlight of the day. Sister Mwea and I was about to walk into a small Indian family but the dog named Strom came running down to where we were. We shut the fence, we waited and we got welcome back in. We spoke to the husband for awhile and the husband explained to us what happened to his wife recently. In my head, I couldn't imagine what it feels like to be in her situation. Sister Mwea and I explained to the husband that we were happy to help with anything.

Then the husband invited his wife to come out and he introduced us to his wife. She was so lovely. We explained to her that we were happy to help with anything, it can be house chores. The wife was overwhelmed, she rejected the offer and say "no." I said a silent prayer to ask Heavenly Father to soften the wife's heart and encourage her to allow us in the house. A minute after the prayer, the wife said "Yes, please come in." She was crying, I felt so much happiness and knew it was a miracle.

About 15 minutes since we started, Sister Mwea asked the wife if she would like 2 extra helpers. The wife said "Yes." Sister Mwea told me to call her proper companion Sister Burgess and Courtney. I called them, Sister Burgess answered and we talked to each other for awhile. I asked her if she would help with me and Sister Mwea. Sister Burgess says "Yes, what's the address." I sent a text message for the address. They were about 15 minutes away. I heard Strom barking.

The husband was happy and said "There are 2 extra helpers to come to help and from the same Church." The wife was filled with so much happiness.

All of us, 4 members of THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS was able to help the small Indian family. We were able to help with washing the dishes, wiping the dishes clean, clear the tables, sorting out clothes for an organisation and rearranging some things. I will never forget this opportunity. Sister Mwea and I met some people from various backgrounds such as South Koreans, Vietnamese, Chinese and Indians.

I would love to share with you, my testimony. "I know Heavenly Father knows our circumstances, I know he knows our weaknesses, I know he knows our strengths, I know he can perform miracles. He may not answer our prayers straight away, but he will be able to do something in return for us when we ask with a sincere heart and intent prayer. Don't expect things will happen for us straight away, everything happens in the Lord's time. He will not let us fall down, he lifts us up and become happy for who we are each day. Always trust in Heavenly Father at all times, at all things and at all places.

We all go through trails, tribulations and struggles. It isn't Heavenly Father's fault, it's all about of the plan of happiness. We need to accept who we are each day. We need to accept those challenges that we face each day, it will helps us to become strong. Stay true and faithful. I leave these things are true, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."

Me and My Companion Sister Mwea

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