Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Reply Back

I do write and send letters to some of my friends who are currently serving their Missions. I usually tell them about how I am, what I have been doing lately, share any spiritual thoughts that I have any recently and anything that encourages them to keep up the great work! Well, I never received any replies through letters before. It doesn't concern me as such but it does give me a bit of worry that the letters hasn't arrived to them left or the letters gets lost in the mail.

So that made me to say, "I really don't mind if they send me a reply back as a letter in return. However, I do understand that they could be really busy and don't have time to reply back." 

So, 4 weeks after I sent a letter to a particular Sister Missionary, she emailed me and she mentioned to me, "Hi Megan, Your letter was great, thanks! I sent a reply a little while ago so I hope you get that about soon in the mail and enjoy it." I got all excited and happy! 

8 DAYS LATER after she emailed me, the mail has finally arrived here! I was so happy and excited that it is finally here!

Thanks to my two younger siblings for taking photos for me! 

My brother who took the photos and videos as I go to the mailbox and to see if the mail arrives!

My youngest sister who took the photos as I was opening the mail! 

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