Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Emails & More Emails

WARNING: This isn't really a warning but please note that this blog post will be really interesting. I will be mentioning two particular missionaries (one is an Elder and the other is a Sister Missionary).

Recently I have been receiving more emails than usual (like over 100 emails, not including spams)! Don't get me wrong, but I absolutely LOVE receiving emails! I always receive emails of different range of types of people such as friends (who are currently serving their missions), Sister Missionaries, Elders, Missionary Girlfriends and some of my friends in general. 

< --- Elder Cluff. There is something really interesting about this photo of this particular Elder. This Elder is the 3rd Elder to email me out of 3 Elders to email me on their Preparation Days. Him and I barely know each other (so him and I like strangers to each other). 

He sends me the less amount of emails than the other 2 Elders which is fine by me. 

Well some readers know this lovely Sister Missionary. She is Sister Coles. This Sister Missionary is the 3rd Sister Missionary to email me out of 5 Sister Missionaries to email me on their Preparation Days. She is a Missionary Girlfriend. 

However there is something really special that I love about her. During Year 2013, she emailed me with 2 different emails each week. Ever since Year 2014 arrived, she has been emailing me with 3 to 4 different emails each week. 

She gave me permission to do a blog for her and for her fellow Missionary Girlfriends (check it out: bc2floridajacksonville.blogspot.com

Would you like to know my emotions for whenever I receive emails? I am sure that you do, anyway I would assume that you do! So my emotions is really happy, a bit shocked and sometimes in tears! It's crazy! I always have mixed emotions whenever I receive emails!

So each time I see that "Inbox" with (1) or (2) or whatever amount it is. I read the email and of course after that I reply to the email. 

I have notice a lot lately is that more Missionaries (especially Elders) is thanking me for emailing them. It makes me feel so great inside to know that! I even said to one of the Elders as a reply, "You're welcome, no thank you for replying." It always make me laugh! He gets the IDEA! He still continues to thank me! 

I would love to announce this but as for Sister Coles, she mentioned to me this through one of the emails, "Thank you for your emails. They mean the world to me!" Just simple as that has been making me feel so grateful and glad to know that they care for me. I do care and try 100% support to each of my friends who is currently serving their Full Time Missions!  

That is all from me for now. Just a reminder, feel free to give me suggestions of any ideas that you would like to see as a blog post.

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