Thursday, 16 January 2014

After Months and Months

During SMYC, finally I was able to meet "Tiffany O" after months and months talking to each other through Facebook and Skype. I am super glad that her and I finally met! It wasn't crazy at all. I was a bit nervous at first of how I was going to meet her.

It started, I recall and remember that Tiffany yelled out to me, "Hey Megan." or something like that. I looked around me of wondering who was calling my name. That moment, I knew it was Tiffany! Although, I didn't get to hang out with her as much as I would like to during SMYC but that's alright with me.

There are some things that really stood out to me. She lives where my Hometown is. She is a Latter-Day Saint (known as Mormon) Convert! She has a desire to Serve her Mission! Now, that's really amazing I reckon!

Tiffany, I am so glad that I finally able to meet you.

I heard from some people that you're inspiring girl for them.

Friends like us, I hope it will last for a life-time.

For you to know, I hope you don't mind me doing this blog post about you.

And you are really friendly to everyone who you meet!

Never put yourself down.

You are beautiful, no matter what.
Outside of the UQ Centre is where we met on Day 1 of SMYC

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