Saturday, 20 August 2016

Discouraged and Happiness

This post is based on two major feelings that I have felt today. You may want to have some tissues near you because this post may make you cry. I must admit, I do consider this post as a very heart touch type of post. This post is long. I hope you will find some spare time to read this post and I would like to share with you some parts of what happened today.

Where do I start?

I woke up early, feeling excited and happiness because I was looking forward to see one of my relatives who I love so much and I haven't seen over a month. When I arrived at a place, I filled out my details on a form and finding out that I filled out the wrong form. I eventually got the right form and filled out my details.

After filling out the right form, I was so excited. When I find out the form that I have filled out wouldn't be processed for another two to three weeks, I was feeling a little discouraged. The exact moment when I find out that I wasn't be able to see that relative until the form has been processed, I was so discouraged.

I cried so much and my Mum who was by my side tried to cheer me up. My Mum allowed me cry, and cry and she hugged me. After saying my bye's to my Mum, I walked to her car and I was still crying. I decided to call my neighbour, so I did and she didn't answer. My neighbour called me back and she tried to cheer me up by talking to each other for awhile.

I immediately went out of the car, I took my bag with me and it had my scriptures, my phone and other personal belongings inside. When I sat down a nice seating area, I opened my scriptures and allowed the wind to turn the pages. I kept reading random scripture verses.

I prayed to Heavenly Father and mentioned "Please help the woman to cheer up soon. What can I do to help her to cheer up soon?" I opened my scriptures again and allowed the wind to turn the pages. A page was opened to a good page. I read the page and I found a great scripture. The scripture said "I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me."

The scripture is found in Philippians; chapter 4, verse 13. I decided to use my phone, so I logged onto Facebook and shared that scripture as a status. I closed my scriptures. I decided to look what other things do I have in my bag, and I found two spare tissues. I walked and gave a tissue to the woman who was crying. She said "Thanks."

We talked a little. Then I walked back to where I was sitting. I opened my scriptures again. I looked through some pages to find something. In my mind didn't know what I was looking for but Heavenly Father knew exactly what I was looking for. I found something. I found a perfect print out quote to give to the woman who was crying.

I walked to the woman who was crying and gave her a print out quote. The quote said, "Keep loving. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever. - Elder Jeffrey R Holland." She thanked me for the quote and we talked a little while.
I walked to a different direction and think "what else can I do to help?" I decided to walk back to the woman who was crying and decided to talk to her. I became a new friend to her. She loved the quote. I asked her if she would like my phone number to stay in contact and she said "Yes."

We both have each other's phone numbers. We talked for another thirty minutes or so. When I mentioned to her that I am a Latter-Day Saint/Mormon, she was so happy because straight away, she told me that she used to be a Mormon and married a Mormon. My goodness. I was so happy. I did Missionary Work!!!

She wasn't waiting for anyone, she was waiting to stop crying so she can drive home without crying. I was still waiting for my Mum and the woman's name is Donna. When my Mum and Donna met, she told my Mum something great about me, I was so happy to hear it.

My Mum asked Donna if it was alright to receive a hug from my Mum. We ended up doing a huge group hug. I learned two lessons today. One of the lessons was, "Knowing things was so discouraged at first, knowing that I have no current church calling in my ward, Heavenly Father helps me to find ways to do missionary work whenever I am away from home."

The other was "Heavenly Father needed me somewhere else to stop feeling discouraged to start feeling happiness and become a Member Missionary to a less active who I have met today!" I love the Image that I have shared for this post and if you can't see that Image, it says "Never forget that your Heavenly Father loves, & cherishes you."
Stay Tuned until next time.

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