Thursday, 11 August 2016

Don't Be Afraid

First and foremost, I encourage you to think about some examples of don't be afraid in your own time. I also encourage you to think about and answer the following question in your own time.
"What does don't be afraid means to you?"

If you were to ask me the same question, I would have shared with you some examples of don't be afraid and I would like to share with you three examples.

Don't be afraid to try a different way of doing things even the simple and small things. I would like to share with you an example. You can try a different way of controlling your anger better towards something when that something doesn't work out the way you expected it to.

Don't be afraid to express your honest and true feelings to Heavenly Father each day and each night.
Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone to make new friends. Always remember, new friends can either last short time or a long time or for a lifetime.
I really love the Image above and I fully agree. If you can't see the Image above, it says "Don't be afraid to become the person you want to be just because people are watching."

Many times in our lives, we need to get out of our comfort zones, it can either be a good decision that we ever make or not. When things are going down, we should not let ourselves down. We all need to self-motivate ourselves that everything will be okay soon and we need to strive our best to stay positive.

When things are going great, we should let ourselves be happy and cheerful. We should share our excitement with others. Always remember don't be afraid.

Stay Tuned until next time.

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