Thursday, 25 August 2016

Focus on What You Need, Not What You Want

This post is short and sweet. First and foremost, I strongly encourage you to think about and answer the following questions in your own time. "What are your current needs?" "What are your current wants?"

"What does focus on what you need, not what you want means to you?"
"Do you put your needs first before your wants?"

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes in life. I know we all have breaking points throughout life. I also know we all have our own challenges, our own difficulties, our own fears, own strengths, our own trials, our own weaknesses, our own struggles, and much more.

"Did you understand that you have each of those things in your life?"
"If you answered yes, how much did you really understood?"
We may not be aware to acknowledge that we all have each of those things in our lives. Heavenly Father knows all of our challenges, all of our difficulties, all of our fears, all of our strengths, all of our trials, all
of our weaknesses, all of our struggles, and much more. We don't always get what we want straight away, we all need to work together to focus on our needs first.

If we focus on our needs first, it would make us feel happier. Our needs can be something to do with our education, our long-term career, our backup career, our health, exercising regularly, our spiritual focus,
and much more. In order to achieve to get what we want, we all need to work hard to achieve it.

For an example, if I wanted a holiday in New Zealand, I would need to pay for the airfares, I would need to set some money aside for spending and there are other things to the list other than just having a holiday in New Zealand.

Always remember to focus on what your needs are first, not what you want.

Stay Tuned until next time. 

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