Saturday, 22 February 2014

Happy Birthday Sophia '2014'

Announcement: "Happy Birthday 24th Sophia!"

I can still remember meeting Sophia for the very first time. 
Details as listed below:

When: Sunday, 3rd November 2013
Where: Brassall Chapel

We became friends straight away and it feels like just yesterday since I met Sophia for the very first time. 
I wrote her a letter that I would have sent to her and it says:

"Dear Sophia, 

Happy Birthday! I really hope you have a great Birthday. I hope you will enjoy your last Birthday here before you go on your Mission. I hope you will spend your Birthday with loved ones. I am very proud for you for making the right decision to go on your Mission. The moment when you opened your Mission Call to see where you will be serving for 18 months, I got really excited! 

I knew you can do it! I hope you will be keep me updated as much as you can during your Mission! Don't forget, I will never ever forget you! You set an amazing example to me! I always loved talking to you and hanging out with you whenever we can! 

I will see you sometime after you come back home. I shall see you in 18 months or during your Mission!

Thank you for everything that you have done for me Sophia! Thank you being 1 of my friends who I could tell you about anything!! As for your Mission, look out for 'Sister Knowles' who is from US. She is one of my other friends, she is assigned the same Mission Area as you! If you see her, give her a big hug and say it's from Megan Green. However she doesn't report to the Missionary Training Center until June this year.

From your friend,
Megan Green." 

I am going to miss you a lot Sophia!!! 

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