Friday, 21 February 2014

Very Proud Sister


Throughout this blog post will be photos that was taken today. Note: Some Photos was taken by me, some photos was taken by Mum and 1 Photo was taken by a Family Friend who also came along to this event. 

Questions: 1. Would you rather go to a Church Activity that is on the same day as one of your family member's badge ceremony or go to one of your family member's badge ceremony and miss out the Church Activity? 

2. Which one would you choose and why? 

Answer: I decided that I would rather go to one of my family member's badge ceremony than the Church Activity because my family is important to me and I would like to support my sister of getting her badge today. 

The Event was: Badge Ceremony 

The way the 'Primary School' runs for badge ceremony is very different compare to the 'High School.' I wouldn't go into detail about the diffences because it is really hard for me to explain about it.

This is my Dad who was putting my sister's badge 'Arts Captain Badge' on her. 

Today was the day that I went back to the Primary School (the Primary School that I attended for 1 Year) to attend the Badge Ceremony. I was there to see her getting her badge. It was so awesome!

She got her badge to be recognised as 'The Arts Captain' for her school. I am very proud for my sister who made the decision to become Arts Captain. 

Well for those Grade 6's and Grade 7's who has a leadership role for the school was able to the cut one slice of the cake.  

The Principal said something like this, "If you touch the bottom, you kiss the nearest boy and that will be me," in a joking way. It was funny though.

This is the photo that I took of my sister for cutting the cake. 

To the readers who are interested of what the cake looked like. One of the Mums of the students who also got their badge today, has made the Cake for this Event.

Note: The rest of the photos will be posted on Facebook later.

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