Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Overview Of My Birthday

For this year for my Birthday was different compare to my previous Birthday! I can still remember my previous Birthday!


I received '1' Phone Call from Nanna (which is my Mum's Mum), '1' Birthday Card from my Family, '1' Photography Magazine from Poppy (which is my Mum's Dad), '1' Gift Card from my Mum, '1' Packet of Nerds from my youngest Sister, '1' letter long from my younger Sister, '2' Emails from '2' Elder Missionaries and '3' Text messages (2 from friends, 1 from relative).

< - - - - That was taken on my Previous Birthday and I was heading to my Aunty's Place with my Family.

This was 1 of the awesome photos that I got with my youngest sister on the way to there!  

This photo was taken the day after my Birthday. - - >

Again, this year I got to spent my Birthday with my Family which I thought that was awesome!! 

My youngest Sister thought to make it special by inviting some of her friends to celebrate my Birthday with a 'Birthday Party' and it was totally unexpected. It was small but it is memorable event. I hope I will remember this Birthday! 

I liked this Birthday and it was better than I imagined it would be! 

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