Monday, 17 February 2014

Annual Relief Society Fireside} February 2014

'What Did I Learnt From Annual Relief Society Fireside?'

The Opening Song was: '#136 - I Know That My Redeemer Lives' 

1st Speaker was: Afatasi Mauga
'2nd Counsellor of Stake Relief Society Presidency'

'Exercise Faith, help us to keep the Commandments' 'Chosen the Witness of Jesus Christ'

'Make our Saviour, Jesus Christ as a CENTRE in our lives'

1/ Deliver unto the Individual 'Sister'
2/ Faith in the Lord, 'Jesus Christ' by 'Study' 'Work' and 'Prayer'
3/ Service unto 'Others' 

Musical Item was by a few Young Women's from 'Warwick Ward'

2nd Speaker was: 'Emma Dunlop'
'1st Counsellor of Stake Relief Society Presidency'

I didn't learnt too much from Sister Dunlop, however she talked about 'How can we take the Temple home?' In a better way, 'How can I take the Temple home?' 

We may make many sacrifices and TRUST in the Lord. 

A Short Video Clip;
Before you watch this 'Video Clip' I will tell you about a short description about it. This 'Video Clip' was played at the Fireside. 

Short Description: 'A successful, capable girl with cerebral palsy learns in her mid-twenties how to let others serve her, and discovers why that can be a blessing for everyone.'

3rd Speaker was: 'Diana Acheson'
'Stake Relief Society President'

Sister Acheson asked the questions as listed below:  
'Why is it that Heavenly Father require us to do that work?' 
'What is Heavenly Father is trying to get me to do?' 

Hasten is done by announcing the lowing the age for the Missionaries to go out and serve. 

1/ Deep our 'Own Conversion'

By reading 'The Book Of Mormon' which is our Stake Challenge. 
Each time we read, we get to know Jesus christ and learn 'The Another Testament of Jesus Christ' 
'The Book of Mormon' can 'PROTECT' or 'SAVE' us by everyday scripture reading. 

2/ Praying with a 'Real Content' 

Sister Acheson talked about, 'praying with a purpose,' 'attending our meetings,' 'Family home evenings - even if we don't have no one, join in with a Sister,' 'magnifying our calling,' 'commit to others' and 'keeping the covenants.' 

'Willingness' - Mighty change of heart
'Exercise' our agency
'Moderate' Revelation 
3/ Service

Sister Acheson talked about Service.

1. 'Visiting Teaching'
2. 'Stewardship'
3. 'Bring the Temple home'
4. 'Share the gospel'
5. 'Love as Christ would'

Short Video Clip: 

It was mixed of 'Images of Jesus Christ,' 'Images of Relief Society Sisters' and 'Videos' The Video was playing this song, which is the video of and I invite you to listen to the Song.

                                                    'The Song is called Perfect Love.'

Last Speaker was: 'President Tuddenham' 
'1st Counsellor in the Stake Presidency'

President Tuddenham talked abou the two Scriptures 'briefly,' as listed below. 
Luke, Chapter 10: 'Verse 38' Mosiah, Chapter 4: 'Verse 27' 

He also talked about the situtation when he rushed to put his youngest daughter to drive on the 'Highway' as she is a learner driver.

'How do I hasten the Work?' - Bringing happiness unto others.

Closing Song was: '#98 - I Need Thee Every Hour.' 

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