Thursday, 20 February 2014

Please Help Mahinerangi's Brother 'Jayleal'

Hey Readers! Mahinerangi is asking for a big help than ever and this is what she said the following;

"hey friends and family, my older brother, Jayleal John Tamiti Paki is wanting to serve a mission, and me being the coolest sister (hahah) I am going to walk the oxenford lake 3 times (12k walk/run) I was wondering if any of yous are able to sponser me by the 10th of March. It is a minimum of $12 ($1 per k) me and the rest of our PAKI WHANAU are doing different activities to earn money for my brother to be able to serve his mission.

I'm so sorry for asking this again but this time this isn't for me, it is to help my older brother serve his mission. Those who reply I am going to make a page for us to make things easier. I am able to give my bank details if that is easier for you all.

Those that don't know what a mission is, it's when us Mormons give up 2 years of our life to serve our Lord and preach/teach the gospel to everyone and where ever they were chosen to serve. So sorry for asking but I need to do this for my brother. Also my mum said who ever has the most sponsers gets a prize and I would also really like to win it cause im quite the competitive person, like mother like daughter :L love yous and thank yous most appreciated  xox"

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