Saturday, 15 February 2014

Updated About Me} February 2014

Where do I start? This isn't in order.

1. Well I graduated Laidley State High School mid November last year.

2. I attended 'Year 12 Graduation Trip' during 'Schoolies Week' last year.

3. My Favourite Day has changed from 'Sundays' to 'Mondays'

4. I currently have '1' Church Calling which is The Laurels President in the Young Women's Organisation.

5. I am currently working towards my Course in 'Business and Adminstration' and I am enjoying it.

6. I have been going to the Temple more than '1' time per month.

7. I have been keeping 'up to date' my blogs.

8. I attended 'SMYC' - Special Multistake Youth Conference in 'January 2014.'

9. My hobbies has changed from 'Photography, Songwriting, Singing, Dancing and Piano Playing' to
'Photography, Blogging and Piano Playing.'

10. I have been doing more 'Missionary Work' than last year.

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