Sunday, 9 February 2014

18 Months in Australia Sydney South (Jacquelyn Knowles)

Just recently, I received a message from one of my Church Friends and her name is Jacquelyn Knowles. She received her Mission Call and she opened her Mission Call! I was so excited and wondering of where she will be going for her Mission. She shared the news with me and she mentioned "I got my mission call to Australia Sydney South!" I was so speechless. I didn't know what to say at the time.

I couldn't believe that Heavenly Father has sent her to AUSTRALIA for her Mission. I am 100% sure that she will love Australia! She gets to spend 18 months of her life in AUSTRALIA! That is so amazing! Jacquelyn, if you ever read this specific blog post, I have written you a letter and I hope you like it.

"Dear Jacquelyn,

I am extremely happy for you, I am so excited for you to come Australia for your Mission for 18 months! That's 1 Year and a half in Australia! I am so grateful that you told me where you are going for your Mission otherwise I wouldn't have known! It just amazes me that Heavenly Father has sent you here in AUSTRALIA for your Mission! I really hope you like your time in Australia. Hopefully one day on your Mission, I hope to see you serving the Lord, wouldn't that be great!

Just remember ask me any questions that you have, either it is related about Missionary Work or Australia or anything! I will answer your questions honestly.

From your Australian friend Megan Green."

Jacquelyn, you will be a wonderful Sister Missionary!

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