Monday, 25 July 2016

Please Share with Your Friends

This post is short and sweet. I have been striving to promote my photography business more for the past few weeks and the best way to describe how is it going. It has been going well. I love it and it is called "Meggy G Photography."

I kept meeting new people via Gumtree because I have been noticing that many people these days have been posting on Gumtree whenever they are looking for a photographer to capture memories either on their wedding day or capture memories for their family photos or capture memories for their baby showers or capture memories for their formal or capture memories for other events. 

I know it has been hard to have a ongoing suitable income each month but I do get through each month with a few bookings. 
Whenever I am not capturing memories, I have been editing photos, sometimes travelling depending on the location where the photos are captured and spend some time on my own. I encourage readers to share my facebook like page often to family, friends, relatives and to whoever so I can capture more memories. 

I kept applying jobs at places that I have a chance to get a job and still no luck. So I am hoping that I can make my dream come true to become a better and better photographer one day and be out every Saturday and keep myself busy throughout the week.  

I am willing to travel if people help me to cover my travel fees too. Here's the link to my Photography business page, please like it if you haven't already. 

Stay Tuned until next time.

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