Monday, 27 July 2015

Final Goodbyes to Sister Marah Dixon

When I woke up this morning, I wasn't ready for the day and I knew it would be a long big day ahead of Sister Marah Dixon, her Dad, some friends and me. I mentioned in my morning prayer, "Please comfort me." 

This morning, I drove to Brisbane Airport International Terminal with a mutual friend Lilyann. You may ask "Why were you both going to Brisbane Airport?" 
Well we were going to the airport to see our close friend Sister Dixon to leave for her mission and to say our final goodbyes for 18 months. We wouldn't be seeing her for the next 18 months. When we arrived at the terminal, Lilyann, others who was also at the airport and I took a lot of photos. I think about 4 friends took heaps of photos including me. One of the things that I mentioned to Sister Dixon, "it will hit me that I will miss you." and she immediately lightly tap me on my right shoulder. 

It may seem hard to understand of how much Sister Dixon meant to me before she left for her mission. We called each other sisters, we say "I love you" to each other through text messages and phone call conversations, we say "I miss you" to each other through text messages and phone call conversations, I will miss sleeping over at her old house, I will miss taking her to places (mostly to either Young Single Adults Activities or taking her to Brisbane Airport to see her friends leave for their missions) and we talked to each other a lot. I will miss how much we talked. 

When it was about 5 minutes to go, I hugged Sister Dixon one last time for 18 months. She mentioned to me "Email me, keep updated about your life while I am away." I told her "I will email you." I noticed she was crying again and I felt bad that I wasn't crying as yet until she hugged 2 other friends after me. I cried for a little time.

After saying all final goodbyes, we all saw her walking to the airplane and we all started walking where all parked the car. I didn't cry while I was driving Lilyann home and I still wasn't crying when I was stopping at another friend's house for a short time. I didn't cry again until this evening because I heard a song called "See You Again by Carrie Underwood.
I felt that I need to do a blog to calm me down and stop crying but instead, I cried more and more. I miss Sister Dixon so much already and already feels so strange without her. I already miss looking at my phone for text messages from Sister Dixon and I already miss answering calls and making calls to Sister Dixon. I wished I could have gone with her to the Missionary Training Centre just so I can spend more time with her. 

All the best for 18 months for her and I look forward to contacting her heaps during her time in the Missionary Training Centre and her Mission through emails and hopefully lots of letters. 

Stay Tuned for the next post.

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