Friday, 17 July 2015

Happy Birthday Karla

I find it fun sometimes to do blog posts about wishing someone a Happy Birthday! I absolutely love the great friendship that I have with my friend Karla Arroyo. I don't think not many people would understand how great it is. I also absolutely love how me and her call each other sisters, even though we were both have different relatives, and live in a different country.
I know I am a day late to wish her a Happy Birthday, however I wished her a Happy Birthday through messages but she hasn't seen it and reply to it.

If you ever get the chance to talk to her or meeting her in person or getting to know her better or becoming her friend, you will find out yourself that she has been the following;

As you see throughout this post, there are 2 love heart shapes with our arms. It was my idea, and I thought it was an amazing idea! We love each other as sisters. She is older than me. I am like a sister to her because she has no sisters.

"Dear Karla,
If you ever get to see this post, I wish you a Happy Birthday and I hope you had a amazing day! I always love you sis and never forget that I do. Love from your one and only sister, Megan."

Stay tuned until next time.

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